A.R.T. (Ancient Renovation Techniques)



Under Grundtvig Sectoral Programme, Profisousa will develop a learning partnership, together with organizations from four European countries (Italy, Greece, Turkey, United Kingdom), with a duration of two years. The project’s overall title is A.R.T. – Ancient Renovation Techniques, and includes a comparative study of the major arts and crafts in extinction at the European level and, subsequently, the transfer of competences between senior artisans and young generations, with the additional use of innovative techniques by performing an intensive training course. This partnership with other European countries will provide the exchange of experiences and the comparison between historical, ethnographic, economic, social and cultural differences. The first working meeting between representatives of the five organizations will be held in the premises of Profisousa in November 2010.




Between September and November 2010 the partner organizations kept in contact through e-mails and the first meeting was held in Portugal, in Paços de Ferreira, in PROFISOUSA’s premises on the 26th, 27th and 28th November.


 It was the first face to face contact between the five organizations and each one presented their own institution and their scope of action (courses available, type of students, socio-economical background of the regions, etc.).  In addition, a study and analysis of ancient crafts in each partner’s country was also presented, considering the main differences and similarities between the crafts and the five countries.

The Coordinators of the project (Italy) analyzed the work programme established in the application form and the different stages of the project were discussed and arranged according to all the partners’ opinions and suggestions. The following activities of the project were immediately outlined and it was also defined that each partner had to perform them until the next meeting in June 2011:

- Distribution of questionnaires for the evaluation of trainees’ needs and expectations;
- Evaluation of the achieved results of the questionnaires (to present during the second meeting in Italy in June 2011);
- A.R.T. website creation (by Italy);
- Creation of the official logo for the project (by Portugal);
- Inclusion of the study and analysis of ancient crafts in each partner’s country in the official website. Translation into the partners’ native languages in order to add them into the website, which will have information in the 5 languages;
- Dates for the next meetings (Italy – 16th to 19th June 2011; England – end of September 2011; Greece – beginning of March 2012; Turkey – end of June


Hosting of the Organizations in Portugal






In the scope of the European Learning Partnership A.R.T. – Ancient Renovation Techniques, whose main goal is to maintain and revive old crafts and arts which are disappearing in the majority of the European countries, some members of Profisousa went to Senigallia, Italy for the second work meeting. In this meeting, the results of the questionnaires for the evaluation of the trainees’ needs and expectations were presented, related to the endangered arts and crafts in the Sousa Valley Region and the furniture restorer and carver jobs were considered as the most endangered. Thus, Profisousa intends to implement a training course in the area of carving/ inlaying, aimed at unemployed people, with the purpose of transferring adequate professional competences, through the use of additional innovative techniques, encouraging the development of a niche production, in the furniture secto.





The third meeting of the partner countries from the European Learning Partnership A.R.T. – Ancient Renovation Techniques was held in Leeds, in England on the 20th, 21st and 22nd October 2011. Since the ancient art chosen by the host Education Centre is stained glass, the partners had the opportunity to visit places with several stained glass examples and to observe modern and old techniques. During this meeting the Coordinator partner, Italy, presented the website related to the Project: www.assotertulia.it. Thus, the site contains information in English (working language of the project) and in each country’s official language (Portuguese, Italian, Greek and Turkish). Besides, each organization did a presentation about the course they’re going to implement, considering the trainees selection and trainers, and explained in what way the courses will serve the final purpose of this European project: revive old arts and crafts through the use of additional innovative techniques.
The dates for the following working moments were also settled, as well as the final project handbook. This handbook will gather all the work developed during the Learning Partnership, with different chapters contextualizing the arts and crafts of each country, as well as a brief evaluation of the different training courses and the project.





The fourth meeting of the European Learning Partnership A.R.T. – Ancient Renovation Techniques, where Profisousa is integrated, happened on the 30th and 31st March, in the city of Thessaloniki, in Greece. The five institutions of adult education discussed the activities of the project’s work programme and each partner described the training course which is developing in its own country, so as to recover an ancient art. Profisousa presented the Arts and Crafts Training Course – Wood Carving, which is happening in the Furniture Museum of Paços de Ferreira, until the end of April, as well as the support workshops to the course. We also informed about the extremely positive feedback that the course has had in the local, regional and national press, through photos, and Profisousa’s intention to create a website for the course carvers and a promotional catalogue to distribute to designers and interior architects.






The final meeting of the European Project A.R.T. – Ancient Renovation Techniques was held between the 6th and 8th June, in the city of Çesme, in the western region of Turkey. In this project institutions from 5 European countries were involved (England, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Portugal) and Profisousa – Vocational Training Association of the Sousa Valley represented our country. The main goal of the Learning Partnership was to maintain and revive ancient arts and crafts, which are disappearing in the majority of the European countries, since their protection is closely linked to the patrimony and local culture improvement, many times threatened by the frantic industrial development. The art chosen by Profisousa was wood carving, considering the past of our region and, in this meeting, we presented the Wood Carving Course that happened in the Furniture Museum. The institution made a final evaluation of this project that unrolled for 2 years and highlighted, through photos and videos, the valuable feedback the course had in the local community, as well as on a regional and national level. The results were extremely positive and completely unexpected for Profisousa, that was able to promote the wood carving art and the Capital of Furniture, and also involve different institutions in the demand for entrepreneurial courses for the arts and develop management and cooperation competencies in the trainees. Now, the institution’s intention is to continue promoting the wood carving art and, at the moment, we are creating a website, in Portuguese and in English, with a products catalogue and Paços de Ferreira’s carvers contacts.




Overall objectives

• Bring back to life ancient occupations, typical of our tradition and identity and particularly the ones which tend to be forgotten, giving them dignity since they are often regarded as humble and profitless;

• Exalt the original character of art craft jobs;

• Make young people aware of their territory history;

• Make foreign people aware of the traditional and cultural features of the territory they have chosen to live in;

• Offer a specific craft enterprise course, linked to the use of new technologies;

• Propose the art craft sector as an attractive and popular activity;

• Stimulate the generation turnover, through the use and transfer of competences achieved by craftsmen during their working life;

• Encourage the development of niche production, addressed to a select market, including also the occasional tourist.


See the Final Handbook of the Learning Partnership A.R.T. - Ancient Renovation Techniques, that contains all the activities developed during the 2 years of the project, namely a photo gallery of the training courses implemented in the five partner countries and a final reflection.


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